NEW “Kind Organics” Multivitamins!

“Garden of Life” has just introduced an AMAZING new line of Certified Organic Multi-Vitamins! “Kind Organics”  features an organic, food-based multi-vitamin blend in many different varieties, including Men’s, Men’s 40+, Women’s, Women’s 40+, Prenatal, Calcium, and more! All are on sale AND you can get a coupon too. Ask an associate for info anytime and see you soon!

“Garden Of Life” Every-Day Low Price!

Come see what’s new in “Garden of Life” products AND get a valuable coupon on top of their every-day low prices! This is a high-quality, whole-food line of supplements, including multi-vitamins, enzymes, protein powders and more, including Raw Supplements which are also whole-food based and easy to digest! Ask us for more info :)

“New Chapter” Sale!

Our 25% OFF sale on all “New Chapter”  Whole-Food supplements continues! This line of supplements is created using organic components, and includes multi-vitamins, single herb supplements, high quality fish oils and more!

“Carlson’s” Every-Day Sale!

We are pleased to announce that all “Carlson’s” Fish Oil Supplements and other supplements are 10% off every day!! This company is known for its high quality fish oils and maintains a very high standard of purity in all of their products.

“Derma-e” Skin Care Sale!

Come in and take advantage of our 10% OFF sale on all “Derma-e” skin care products! These are high-quality, superior acting and some of the best in the industry. From hydrating creams to body lotions to wrinkle reducers, you’re sure to find just what you need!






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